What Does It Mean To Be Gay?


I’m terrified to put this one out there…

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Where Do Nice Guys Go Wrong? For One, They’re Too Agreeable

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I’m an active dater. I like to meet new people, go on dates and see where things go. While having my clear set of goals when it comes to my dating/ love life, it does depend on the person I meet. It means that most of the time when I’m out with a guy, I plan to have a good time. I don’t really decide what I want before I actually spend some time with the person and get to know him better. So it’s really about the person for me. With that being said, over the years, I have met a fair amount of guys who turned out to be the so-called textbook Nice Guys and as far as I remember, I have rejected them all. Yes, I did and I’m not sorry.

Before you get me all wrong, I would like to clarify and emphasize that I did…

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I Asked A “Nice Guy” How Many Guys A Girl Can Sleep With Before She’s A Slut

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Holly LayHolly Lay

I don’t tell guys how many people I’ve slept with. And they always ask. Why is that? Why do they ask a question they really don’t want to the answer to? The truth is that it’s perfectly reasonable for you to extrapolate our situation and assume I generally treat men the same way I treat you. If sleeping together after a few weeks of texting and a few hours of drinks makes you feel okay when it’s me doing it with you you need to be okay with me doing it before you came along.

But they never are. Everyone wants to be the exception, no one wants to be the rule.

So I lie or I evade the question. I appear virginal while giving them what they want in our sex life. I let them delude themselves into thinking they are the only person that part of…

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Why Do Men Get So Angry At Women When They Are (Nicely) Rejected?

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My biggest pet peeve is when people say women are the emotional sex. It’s not true. Men are just as emotional as women (if not more). Anger is an emotion and anyone who knows a modern male knows how irrational and non-sequitur a dude’s anger can be. This is especially true if you’ve spent any amount of time dating — the phenomena of seemingly nice men erupting with anger when you don’t go along with their advances is very real and scary.

A meme Instagram account, Bye Felipe, compiles texts and chat screenshots of exactly what happens when a woman doesn’t give a man the attention he assumes he deserves. It’s super shocking to read some of the submissions — how quickly a guy can go from trying to woo you to calling you words I didn’t think normal people even used. But unfortunately, it’s also pretty ubiquitous. I…

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