God, The Enabler

Kids Without Religion

First, I decided just to be upfront about who I am. After all these years, no more hiding. If this blog is simply a meeting place for all of us to discuss our thoughts and beliefs about religion and God, then I should be free to reveal my identity–and you should, too. My family and friends call me Deborah, Deb, Debbie. Call me what you like. I’m even changing my avatar. It’s the real me.

Second, make no mistake. Belief in God does make a parent’s job easier. It just does. Not better, just easier. You defer punishment to an imagined power that is mightier than you, and you harness the fear of this imaginary deity. I remember, to mold my behavior, my grandmother used to tell me, “God is watching you!,” and the trepidation that those words brought. Would he slap the sh*t out of me with his giant…

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