Suicide Is Selfish: We Belong To Each Other

Thought Catalog

Last year, I saw a lady crying when I was riding on the “L.” If you know anything about Chicago’s “L,” it’s that it is a sight for peculiar things so I suppose this isn’t the most unusual thing I’ve witnessed. If I remember correctly, I wasn’t having the greatest day of my life either. She had sun glasses on but it was very obvious to anyone who is attentive that she was crying. I have been her before, crying under the protection of sunglasses or a smile, or with my eyes closed, hoping no one would notice.

I got out at her stop and grabbed her by the arm. I asked if she was going to be okay and if I could do anything to help. For some reason, my mother’s voice is always in my head in situations like this. If there is anything my mother wanted her…

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