7 Christian-Friendly Quotes From Known God-Hater, Nietzsche

Thought Catalog

“Truth is not something one person might possess and another not possess.”

John Hick, a philosopher of religion, told the story of the three blind men touching an elephant as a way to understand a world with many religions. One, touching the tail feels and describes to his friends something entirely different than the blind man touching the elephant’s torso.

We are telling different stories about the same revelation and we do better when we remember that our humanness necessarily limits our understanding of truth and our ability capture and express it in its entirety.

“I call an animal, a species, an individual depraved when it loses its instincts, when it chooses, when it prefers what is harmful to it.”

Isn’t that what we all think is beautiful about being a human though?

Being in love doesn’t make sense, but we all want it anyway. Being smart doesn’t make sense…

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