Science vs. religion: comparing their progress

Why Evolution Is True

The lovely figure below is from Crispian Jago’s website, The Reason Stick.  If religion really is a way of finding out truths about the universe, as many of its adherents claim, it should progress in its understanding of its subject: the divine. But Jago shows that that doesn’t happen, and any “progress” simply involves changing church doctrine to conform with changing secular morality.  Those changes happen because “religious” morality is swept into the modern era by the currents of modernity described by Steve Pinker in The Better Angels of our Nature.

As for understanding whether there is a god, whether—if there is—there’s more than one of them (viz. Hinduism or the Christian Trinity), what is the nature of any god, and what he/she/it wants us to do, we know not one iota more than did Aquinas or Augustine. That is, of course, precisely what we expect given religion’s unworkable…

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