A Dad’s Letter To His Young Daughter, Apologizing For Being Sexist

Thought Catalog

Mo Elleithee, a Democratic political consultant and Hillary Clinton’s former press secretary, wrote a public letter to his three-year-old daughter apologizing for being unintentionally sexist. It’s heartwarming, yes, but also subtly brilliant in the way it taps into the sweetness of a father’s confession while still bringing up relevant, hard-hitting issues, in a softer, more approachable way.

Watching you grow up has been the purest pleasure in my life to date. Which makes it even more jarring to admit that I was once a sexist. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill, woman-hating misogynist who believes God made him superior to the fairer sex. I’ve always hated that guy.

He talks about how society is blindly sexist in small and often unrecognizable ways, something he fell victim to. That takes a lot of heart to admit, especially publicly, where he knew he’d most likely be scrutinized for such…

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