Discipline without God

this type of parenting is what will churn out the type of people society needs to change our “violent” culture.

Kids Without Religion

How do you discipline without God? A reader had mentioned that this would be a good topic of discussion. (Sorry it took me so long, Charity!)

No doubt it is easier to discipline if God’s got your back. You can tell your kids that, even when you leave the room, even when they are off with their friends, God is always watching and judging, ready to damn them to hell forever and ever. It sounds silly to you and me, but if you think of the behavior modifications made through the threat of “Santa’s watching you!” then you know that God can be used as a weapon, too. For a while, that is.

This is a weak morality structure, which exists externally rather than internally. It needs constant reinforcement and threats from parents, who have to mete out judgment and punishment on behalf of The Invisible Boss. It becomes even…

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