The Weird Reasons You Need To Pray

the catholics are gonna get angry again. changing the definition of one of their words. other words for this type of behavior: mediation, introspection, self-evalution.

Thought Catalog

Nobody knows whether there is a god, whether the universe is sentient, whether the universe cares. This is a fact. Let’s stick a pin in the question of god’s existence and move on to what we do know.

Prayer doesn’t always work. At least, it doesn’t always work in the way the praying person would like it to. Loved ones still die, people all over the world suffer and the Minnesota Vikings have yet to win a superbowl despite my most sincere efforts to sway the guy upstairs. Why continue to do something that doesn’t work? Because this question misunderstands the purpose of prayer.

Prayer isn’t supposed to be about sticking a quarter into a gumball machine and opening your hand up for some candy. It is not an immature transaction answering the demands of a child. Prayer doesn’t have to be anything you don’t want it to be. It…

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