7 Milestones That Have Totally Changed For 20-Somethings

i think i can agree

Thought Catalog

Milestone: Preparing for your career

Our parents: Pay your way through college, get a degree in something that will make money (business, accounting, nursing), move directly into a career position.

Us: Hi student loans, would you like to begin a 10+ year courtship with me? Cool. Major in something that’s interesting because the average person changes careers 7 or more times and you’d rather be educated as a whole than set for 1/7 careers. Cool modern invention: unpaid internships.

Milestone: Career stability

Our parents: Get a professional job right out of college and work at the same company for 40 years. Job-hopping is bad!

Us: We saw our friends and coworkers (or ourselves, #dark) get laid off in The Great Recession. Stability isn’t about working a 40 hour a week job for someone else anymore. New career stability is having your own side business, learning how to hustle, freelancing at…

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