It’s Time To Start Treating Sexual Assault As Assault, Period.

in light of yesterday’s stand down day, i’ll post another.
up for comment, is it bad i would like to join her on this morning walk and maim or kill these men? they wont change, cannot be taught otherwise, and so as they are now not useful and a detriment to society, should be removed from it.

Thought Catalog

This morning, I ran away from a man on the street. It was 8am and I was on my way to work, walking down a quiet block that separates my house from the subway. I noticed a man standing by a disused warehouse block, and as I approached him, he began speaking to me, although speaking would be a gross overstatement.

He sucked his lips.

Made a cat purring noise at me.

Yelled out “Oooohhh, shake it mami.”

As I passed him, he said “You’re beautiful,” and I put my head down and ignored him, at which point he began following me. “Say thank-you!” he said, making kissing sounds as he walked behind me. Alone in the street, I did the only thing I could think of in the moment and I started running.

This only encouraged him “Look at that ass!” he yelled after me. Clearly, he’d intimidated and…

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