The 22 Most Important Things About Being A Human

Thought Catalog

When you figure out how to do all of these every day, please write a book. I will be the first to buy it.

1. Being able to tell the difference between when a friend is joking around about something, and when they are actually trying to talk about something really serious that they are afraid/embarrassed to let other people know about.

2. Keeping the secrets you tell people that you will keep, even if there might be some social value in telling other people.

3. Not being afraid to help people when they are in need of help, even when they won’t admit that they need it. Even when helping them could make you seem like the bad guy, or put your relationship in at least temporary jeopardy.

4. Admitting the things that you were wrong about, and giving the kind of apology that isn’t just a half-assed “Sorry…

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