$15,000 Fine For Insulting A Heckler

Thought Catalog

Americans don’t care about Canada but they should. It’s a canary in a coalmine of political correctness. Today, everyone who works for Paula Deen is out of a job because she said the word “nigger” when one pointed a gun to her head. Tomorrow, we’ll be paying fines for insulting lesbians.

Actually, Paula Deen paid way more than a fine. The literary agent for her cook books, the sound guy for her show, the ad sales guy at the network who sold blocks during her specials… all fucked. How many millions of dollars are flushed down the toilet because she said she may have told a racist joke in the past and liked the idea of having an old-timey themed party (where everyone would be well-paid)? What did the guy who put a gun to her head say when he was robbing the bank, “Get down you elderly caucasian”?


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