Being So Offended You Kill Yourself

interesting perspective. especially given the new legal definitions i have been subjected to that include the word ‘offensive’

Thought Catalog

What does it mean to be offended? We talk so much about things being offensive. But we never talk about what it means, how it feels, to be offended. Let’s try to figure it out.

I’ll start with myself. Something that offends me: Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow.

How does it feel? Why am I offended?

When I watch Maddow, or listen to Rush, I feel betrayed to the core. I feel like they take important things and piss all over them. Their programs are like eating cellulose pellets. You eat them, they go in your stomach and you feel full. But there is absolutely no nutritional value. Your body is tricked. You’re still starving for nutrients. That’s what Rush and Rachel do to people’s minds. They trick you into thinking you’re being educated, when in fact most of the time they’re making people more stupid.  And they’re making millions…

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