Five Inappropriate Words That Would Make For A Lovely Girl’s Name

now this is funny

Thought Catalog


A wonderfully feminine word that got a bad rap, felony is a fine name for a girl. It’s really just an F’d-up version of Melanie, which is an acceptable name. So you change a couple letters and turn Melanie into Felony – does that make it a crime? Felony is the carefree tomboy or maybe the rebellious wild child. A little bit dangerous and a lotta bit sexy! I’m surprised there’s not already a porn star named Felony. Perhaps there is – I don’t watch porn. Not since that “misunderstanding” with the public library computer. A woman named Felony might have to put up with sleaze-ball pick-up lines about “arresting beauty” or “so good-lookin’ it should be against the law,” but a face-full of apple-tini and a Prada pump in the groin will shut them up quick. That’s how chicks named Felony roll!


Used as a name, Anorexia…

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