Here’s To The Crazy Ones….

this one. this one right here…

Thought Catalog

I have a strange relationship with mental illness. At once, how magnificent it is: let’s call this Jack Kerouac syndrome: this thing people like me do, romanticize the mad ones. Yeah, my friends who fascinate me the most are normally the crazy ones, the ones who burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.


There was Mark, the bipolar math whiz, who would charm you to death and be the most amiable guy in the world one day, and turn incredibly violent the next. Once, he put one of his best friends in the hospital (and himself in jail) in a fit. Was really good at math though.

The front man of a cult punk rock band, who, every time he came would punch his partner in the face. He couldn’t come otherwise. And who suffered his whole life with depression and opiate addiction…

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