17 Instant Anxiety Cures

done or do most of these!

Thought Catalog

1. Take a hot shower

Visualize the water literally washing your anxieties off of you and down the drain. Gone forever.

2. Close your computer

Put your phone face down. Take a walk around the block. If it’s possible, take a weekend away from where you live, even if it’s just to a smaller, nearby city. You can facilitate mental perspective by forcing physical perspective. Physical distance literally makes your problems seem smaller.

3. Shoot a gun

When we were growing up people would say that if you are angry you should punch a pillow. This was later discovered to be bad advice. Letting your aggression out can pump you up until you just feel more angry. This isn’t why shooting a gun works. Go to a gun range. You will feel powerful. Not feeling a whole lot of self efficacy is the root of anxiety, feeling powerful means…

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