7 Ways To Change Our Ideas About Male Sexuality

Thought Catalog

American culture sees male sexuality as easily aroused, barely controlled, and able to overwhelm rational thought, believes the little head does the thinking for the big head, and has a hard time distinguishing normal male sexuality from the abuse of power known as rape or sexual assault. As a result, it’s easy to believe that any guy could be a rapist or child molester. Little wonder that Jamie Peck asked if “Men Can Write About Sex Without Sounding Like Douchebags“; this limiting and narrowly defined space leaves little that’s interesting to explore. Alyssa Royse responded by describing “The Danger in Demonizing Male Sexuality.”

Changing ideas about male sexuality will require action from all of us, at both the individual and structural levels.

Royce was on target when she asked “how can we all work together to change our collective impression of male sexuality as something that…

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