Why Is Reading a Virtue But Watching TV Shows is “Lazy?”


Thought Catalog

I grew up in a fairly non-traditional family when it comes to media consumption. For example, my parents did not go to great lengths to censor what I read or watched. I have memories of my mom explaining what LSD was to me when we watched Hair and answering “Mom, what does ‘horny’ mean?” after I had watched Austin Powers. “It means you feel like having sex,” she said. To her, books and movies were important stories that, if I can speculate, helped her explain the world to me. And she knew the world was both weird and inevitable and that stories help you understand the weird stuff sooner, rather than later.

We loved reading, as a family. For example, if I go to the Barnes and Noble in Roseville, Minnesota, there is a significant likelihood that I will run into one of my family members. That was where…

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