Texas Justice? Man Beats 5-Year Old Daughter’s Molester To Death, Ruled Innocent

oh Texas… how i wish to agree

Thought Catalog

For those who enjoy watching the wheels of justice revolve, for those folks who call themselves court-watchers, Texas must be something like an amusement park. The state can’t go a month without finding its way into national news. Other than Florida, New York or California, it’s the state most famous for its headline-grabbing judicial system. This time, Texas law has peered into the dark heart of humanity, and asked a supremely pertinent legal question, “Well, who wouldn’t kill that son-of-a-?”

And in their answer to that question, they’ve clearly reiterated the ethics of the state. “This is how we do justice in Texas,” seems to be the greater message. Texans believe sometimes you don’t need lawyers or judges or court reporters, just a few fists to mete out the proper punishment. They seem to still believe in that John Wayne brand of justice. It’s as simple and unblemished as western…

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