You Can Tell How A Man Treats A Woman By How They Treat Their Car


Thought Catalog

I was driving with one of my close friends the other day, speaking simply about his love life and the subconscious mistakes he had been repeatedly making in his dating career. He had been desperately hoping for a love that could take him to the moon, or more realistically, the chapel. Speaking frankly, it is quite easy to admit the mistakes he was making but analyzing them was difficult when I didn’t understand what his thought process was. He described his ending relationship, explaining that he felt as though he could have spent the rest of his life with the girl he was dating. When they first met they were utterly obsessed with one another and couldn’t be torn apart. As time grew on, he decided that maybe she wasn’t the girl for him and he described the descent into feeble attempts of communication resulting in her grasping onto the…

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