The Differences Between Shy, Introverted, Extroverted And Obnoxious

Thought Catalog

There have been thousands of charts made in the name of distinguishing specifics and paradigms of introverts and extroverts, but this one takes what I feel is an important step ahead, by adding two other types of personalities, shy & annoying. See, shy & introverted are often mistakenly linked, as are extroverts & obnoxious, even though they can be entirely different.

It’s like using hungry to define fat – just flat out inaccurate. A need to be recharged after interacting with people (introvert) is far different from feeling nervous around them (shy), and starting conversations (extrovert) doesn’t mean you want them to revolve around you (obnoxious). Whatever your disposition, we should all share this infographic with the world so they can at least classify our personality type accurately. TC Mark

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