Who Wins The Workplace? Millennials Vs. Old People

Thought Catalog

Showing up on time

Old People. 8:00 means 8:00. Or 7:50 and wasting 10 minutes just to show people you are there on time. Follow the letter of the law.

Millennials. No RSVPs ever. Fluid timing. If you are scheduled for 8, showing up at 8:15 is perfectly acceptable. Arbitrary rules are less important than doing great work. The spirit, not the letter, of the law.


Old People. Wear really unstylish things like nude pantyhose and crew neck blouses because you are supposed to look “conservative” because (especially for women) you can’t possibly be attractive and also intelligent. If people view you as a sex object at work, it is the responsibility of the perceived, not the perceiver to right this.

Millennials. You can wear leggings to work, as long as you look stylish and attractive. People like to work with people who look nice and like they aren’t…

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