You’re Not Allowed To Complain Until You’ve Had To Wear A Bra Every Day

Thought Catalog

My favorite part of coming home after work each day isn’t just knowing that work is over, but that I finally get to remove my bra. After all, home is where the bra comes off.

It isn’t that I completely hate wearing a bra, there are some aesthetically pleasing parts. They come in cute colors with fun patterns, and there’s also a great appeal to the lacey and sexy cuts of bras. I can’t deny that they’re functional. I enjoy having everything kept in place and not just jiggling freely while I run, and I certainly appreciate not having the embarrassment of having my nipples show through my shirt on a chilly day.

But despite all that, there are also burdens to wearing a bra that every woman is familiar with, and even as a member of the Itty Bitty Committee, I cannot get away with going braless.

Firstly, there…

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