Happy Halloween!

Why Evolution Is True

During my whole adult life, I’ve wished I could go out in costume every Halloween and get candy, but that’s no longer possible: I’m too old. (When I was a kid we’d always go to the rich people’s neighborhoods, as they’d give out whole candy bars instead of stupid Mary Janes or candy corn).  I suppose I could just buy candy now, but it’s not the same, and I don’t have kids to tote around as bait.

Regardless, here’s wishing you have a sucrose- and felid-filled holiday, and that you stay away from that flavored petroleum byproduct called “candy corn”! (Also avoid the cylindrical red byproducts called “Twizzlers”.)

And here are some photos:

Reader Stephen Q. Muth took a holiday-themed picture, adding some information (note the Satanic pumpkin):

Here is my neighbor’s kitteh, appropriately named ‘October’, posing in the garden with an example of the recent harvest.  A self-described atheist…

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