7 Ways Parents Help Kids Succeed

Kids Without Religion

We know what they think of us. The world, that is. We live large. We have too much. A nation of extremes. We are obsessed with image. We take more than our fair share. We spew pollutants into the air, earth and water, with little care or concern for future inhabitants or anyone or anything beyond our borders. We’re greedy. We’re tiger moms and helicopter parents. Our kids are spoiled, fat, lazy, gamers. Affected by affluenza. Falling further behind in education.

In some ways and for some people, these things are no doubt true. But for a great many of us, we want to raise kids who will be educated, capable citizens, who will contribute to society and who will be happy, or at least, content. (Happiness cannot be under-rated, for happy people are, after all, less dangerous and more productive.)

It’s a big task. As parents, we…

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