A list of situations where it’s OK for a man to hit a woman

There is so much naiveté/sexism/gender role/conventional thought in this article, I can barley take it seriously. The argument is flawed from the beginning and it leaves me believing he takes no issue with male on male violence or violence in general. Expanding upon the premise, one should not use violence, the threat of violence, or psychological manipulation in order to gain an advantage over another, regardless of gender, race, faith, ________ insert whatever classification you wish to use to define and segregate humans. No one deserves special treatment because _______, fill in the blank. All humans deserve respect. When you respect someone but wish that they change, you should proceed with logic and rationality (we are intelligent, reasoning beasts) or emotion and empathy (we are social, community seeking beasts).

The Matt Walsh Blog

Let’s begin, shall we? Here are the THREE scenarios where it might be acceptable for a man to punch a woman:

1) Never

2) Under no circumstance

3) Anytime, with the exception of every time

Oh, also never.

I don’t mean to insult your intelligence. “Never hit a woman” is an age-old axiom, and one to which most men (hopefully) subscribe. Don’t blame me for my writing this post. It’s not my fault.

Here in Baltimore, the town has been buzzing about the story of Ravens running back Ray Rice, and his “altercation” with his fiancée last week. He was arrested for assaulting her at a casino in Atlantic City; it should be noted that his fiancée was also arrested for assaulting him. We still don’t know all of the facts of the case, and the only “evidence” released to the public is a grainy video of Rice dragging a…

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