Bossy liberal feminists have just invented another ridiculous reason to be offended

you’ve got me on this one Mr. Walsh. i’m with you that there is too much PC going around and if i may be so bold, that it actually gets in the way of honesty and cooperative living. when i first came across this campaign i thought, that’s interesting. Yes, it is a good thing we should not be stifling women/girls who show assertiveness, who organize other to get things done. So, i watched the video, threw in my “hey, way to go” without doing much fact checking. but after reading this closer examination, i do agree this is another area that is not a insert sex/race whatever grouping you feel is being oppressed, issue. this is a respect for humanity/human dignity issue.

that’s all for now.

The Matt Walsh Blog

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If I were to name the four most irritating things on planet Earth, the list would look something like this (in no particular order):

-The modern leftist obsession with manipulating language, subjectivizing words, arbitrarily declaring certain terms to be offensive/racist/sexist/homophobic, and then working to ban them, stigmatize them, and bully everyone else into adopting their interpretations of these newly vulgar phrases.

-The modern leftist obsession with creating cultural problems where they don’t exist, ignoring them where they do, and using completely fabricated statistical data to steer the conversation in their favor.

-The modern leftist obsession with encouraging self-esteem in our kids even to the point of embracing and excusing arrogance and self-absorption.


Now imagine the sudden onset migraine I’m experiencing after coming across a news story that incorporates at least three of the items on this list, all at once.

Sheryl Sandberg, a Facebook executive, has partnered with the likes of the Girl Scouts, Condoleezza Rice…

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