Airline Passenger Bashes My Gay Face

Everything but Sex

Gay Face Plane_FotorSUPER LONG POST ABOUT GETTING LIGHTLY GAY BASHED & FILIPINO BASHED ON A PLANE  MONDAY NIGHT. HAVE FUN! I’m on an airplane. I feel moderately queasy and am glad for my aisle seat. I glance back to measure the distance to the lavatory. A woman appears over me and pierces the air with her vuvuzela voice.
Her: Can I sit here to be near my kids?

She gestures across the aisle, past a large man partially obscuring a teenage girl and a slightly younger boy, 2 quiet, capable-looking humans. She gives no additional information. I look up at her again.

Me: I would prefer to stay in the aisle.

I try to say it with need in my voice. She shrugs, smiles blandly and climbs over me to the middle seat. She makes short conversation soon after: “Do you speak Spanish? No? What are you? Filipino? Oh.”

2 hours pass…

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