Riddle me this


Listened to this podcast today. had an interesting thought about sex addiction/women need to cover up because men cannot control themselves.

So the host and her first guest delved into the discussion of how seeing cleavage actually affects their brains, thoughts, feelings, and/or mood. They also acknowledged how looking once or twice is acceptable, but staring or going back for more glances is inappropriate/disturbing. 

what this makes me think of is comparing this behavior to alcohol addiction, when people cannot even have one drink. Some have theorized drug addictions are nothing more than low will power/self-control. That it is nothing more than needing to overcome the body’s biological cravings(needs).

So i see two theories at work in how we deal with sexual discrimination/dress codes. EVERYONE should cover up and not generate any feelings of attraction/altered state of mind. but individual freedom to wear what makes me comfortable and it is your problem to control your feelings.

Life is a balancing act.


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