Gary Oldman likes the Double Standard Word Police about as much as I do

i know i talk some shit about political correctness. i do wish people would use different words sometimes, i hate the whole damn notion. everything is so damn public now, we worry about everyone liking us, and then we don’t say what we really mean. but it is so hard to know what we mean when every group of people intolerant to diversity (you must be like us) has their own definition or connotation of every word.

Monster Hunter Nation

Since I got condemned by all the Social Justice Warriors for calling John Scalzi a pussy, I give you, ladies and gentlemen, Super Actor Gary Oldman, who is also sick of the Word Police and their idiotic double standards

Warning, it on the Playboy webpage, so obviously NSFW.

In the article Oldman talks about his craft and making movies, but it gets really interesting when he gets political. He talks about the silencing of some groups in entertainment, the double standards, and the career sabotage. He also calls Nancy Pelosi names, and that always makes for a good time.

How awesome is Gary Oldman? So awesome that you really do read Playboy for the articles.

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