after i stopped laughing, i was disappointed

I got goose bumps listening to her sing. Can she hurry up and join the music business? oh wait i was here to complain and pontificate.

Mary Poppins loses her English heritage, accent, and magic.

But to the serious issues. When did minimum wage jobs become careers? Become the salary of the head of the household?
Rather than raise the Minimum wage, how about employers start increasing wages for years worked and employee loyalty?
The Federal Government does not need to solve all of your problems.
Please, oh PLEASE, for the sake of freedom stop asking government for help.

Raising the Minimum Wage, for jobs the require very little skill or work ethic is not good for society. The theory of free riders, moochers, and looters apples here. Have I been listening to too much Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged? Let other people work and create and I will influence law to redistribute their success into my life.
There is a problem with our economy. I will claim ignorance in regards to the facts of the poverty situation, but I still do not think this is the right answer. Perhaps the minimum wage should have followed inflation like my military salary, but I still have trouble wrapping my head around a minimum wage career. See opening comments.


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