it is 2AM and i need a brain dump

it’s not scandal, it is an invasion on privacy. literally, the PERSONAL accounts(property) of several high profile individuals were ATTACKED and the results given to the public.
meanwhile in a worn torn country, more people were executed and children are staving… #firstworldproblems

i defend the human right to self expression in any form of art and the social construct of property and privacy. the individuals responsible for acquiring the personal property of other through illegal means, without the owenr’s/creator’s permission, are criminals.
i try to live a transparent life so as not to be ashamed or embarrassed. it has helped me reduce my stress. if you don’t want people to know, don’t ever do it. if people do find out, own it. you are a unique person with unique tastes. the nude human body and sex are not shameful, are not disgusting and no one should be made to feel less human because of their interest in them.

objectification of women? yes it is happening. but men were also victims and there is no discussion about that. but i don’t think it is as bad as the feminazi’s out there taking this to the extreme of a situation of more violence against, loathing of, and in effect trying to hold women down, are taking it to. that sentence really sucks. invasion of privacy is the crime. the distribution is targeted to the pleasure of anyone who finds the victims sexually appealing. I’m kind of on board with the sexual assault/lack of consent view, but as long as the users/viewers keep the pleasure in their own pants, head, and home, what harm is being done to the victim? aren’t the viewers just more of the “lonely losers” that everyone neglects anyway? (says the 25 year old single white male typing at 220AM).

what is my head is not illegal or doing harm to anyone. once i cross the line and use any type of coercion to force a sense of ‘power’ over another human being’s life, then i expect to be taken out of polite society and locked up and ‘rehabilitated.’

the world is broken. so am i. i have no other coherent thoughts to type so ill just close here.


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