this guy is one ignorant asshole

he has NO FUCKING idea what a relationship really is

‘While not speaking specifically about the Florida statute, Glenn Stanton from the advocacy group Focus on the Family said Thursday that there is a role for government in promoting marriage as an alternative to cohabitation.’ – ummm no. just no. government has no ROLE in directing my personal life.

‘…author of the new book, “The Ring Makes All the Difference.”‘ – the title alone says it all. he has no idea what a relationship really is. a public declaration in front of an authority figure (whether that be a mystical overseer in the sky or government representative) does not mean shit if you don’t want it to. trust and respect are what make relationships work.

“It’s not just about people living together, but it’s how they are related.” – again, public declaration, legal documentation, change nothing about how people will really treat each other.

‘Stanton acknowledged there are limits to what the government can do to promote marriage…’ government = limit. that is all a government is. control and limitation of human behavior.

The state does have an interest in clearly making sure that someone does not go out and sleep with whomever they want to.” – WTF, are you seriously fucking kidding me? FREEDOM? does that word mean anything to you?


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