We Are Dysfunctional Because We Have Forgotten How To Think (Why We Should Teach Philosophy In High School)

yes. the answer is yes. critical thinking and understanding should be taught as soon as possible. education, a good education, about life is the key to many solution to many of the world’s problems. the current american educational system at large, the policies, and major driving factors, is nothing but a pipeline to the workforce. there is very little room to explore the important parts of human life. we are supposed to figure that out on own but never to be seen doing it because having the answer is more important than growth.

after finishing the article and returning to the title i guess there really was not a question…

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The past few years give one the suspicion that American society is dysfunctional. Our Congress is useless, our institutions inept. Faced with the terror of existence, young men like Adam Lanza react with violence. Faced with manageable problems such as a “fiscal cliff,” our democracy self-destructs. Anger is everywhere; understanding is nowhere.

Although a democratic society cannot function unless its citizens are able to rationally debate one another, rationality is missing from American politics. We assail our political enemies with intractable opinions and self-righteous anger. An ugly bitterness pervades everything. Meanwhile, our country is slowly but surely committing suicide.

It seems to me that this dysfunctional political dialogue, which stems from the iron certainty we grant our opinions, is the most pressing problem confronting 21st century America. In fact, it is a crisis. For without the ability to carry on a useful dialogue, we cannot solve our greatest challenges…

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