7 Struggles You’ll Only Know If You Have Social Anxiety

this is a list i can agree with. a box i can climb into.
7 feelings i consistently do have.

Thought Catalog


1. Low self-esteem.

And possibly the hardest thing to deal with. With social anxiety, you are almost never comfortable with yourself and always trying to reach a state of “perfect appearance,” though you never seem to get to it. Basically, you are almost never yourself, always trying to fit into the group you’re with. Still, there are exceptions; you have a select few people with whom you can free yourself from your disguise.

2. The fear of always being judged.

Of course, this is just an impression and goes with low self-esteem. Everything you do — even just walking the hallways at school — gives you the impression that everyone around you is looking at you, judging how you look and how you act.

3. Judging others.

Of course, being judged means you will judge other people as well. You cannot stop yourself from looking at what others are…

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