7 Things Only People Who Live Alone Understand

1) No food for dinner. Shouldn’t have spent all day watching HIMYM.
2) ‘Nuff said
3) I’m not really much of a talker anyway.
4) 3 keys is important. and keeping them separate.
5) Finally making good on this one. Junior (use your Sean Connery voice) arrives on Wednesday.
6) It my world. hooking up the laundry, stocking the bathroom, looking for leaks, assembling the furniture. i am a one man show.
7) one night out last week and i get a phone number. totally unusual but so nice.

Thought Catalog

Helder Almeida / (Shutterstock.com) Helder Almeida / (Shutterstock.com)

1. Everything is your doing.

The only thing stopping you from painting the walls is a security deposit and free time. Those dirty dishes in the sink? Yours. The tacky pillow assortment on the couch? That’s yours, too. The broken A/C you swear you’ll get fixed soon but haven’t yet? Yep, it’s your own damn fault. You live alone! Everything the light touches is yours. That that may feel a bit overwhelming at times, but at least it’s your mess.

2. Clothing optional, always.

Weekends, days off, and especially coming right home from work—peace out, clothing. When there’s no one around to glimpse the goods there’s no point to wearing pants. Of course you know every window angle and the best time of day to strut in the buff (or scantily clad) without attracting outside attention. Unless that’s what you’re into.

3. Talking loudly…

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