The Five-Minute Favor: A Case For Change

now this is an altruism, pay it forward type of movement i can get behind.

Thought Catalog


In 2012, Stephanie, a LinkedIn recruiter, was searching for a job, but based on her callbacks (or lack thereof) wasn’t optimistic. That is until she was introduced to entrepreneur Adam Rifkin, through a mutual friend.

Rifkin advised her, primarily by text messages, and helped her find job leads. His involvement paid off and before long, she found employment in a role she was best suited for.

Stephanie emailed him to express her gratitude and offered to return the favour.

She expressed:

I know we only met in person once and we talk only occasionally, but you have helped me more than you know . . . I really would like to do something to help give back to you. [1].

Instead of reciprocating to Rifkin, directly, she volunteered to attend a 106 Miles meeting of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, so she could help him help them.

At the meeting, Stephanie…

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