This Is The Only Principle You Should Live By

Sustainability. Combining utilitarianism and semantics.
interesting read though. sometimes how the question is asked teaches you more about yourself than your answer.

Thought Catalog


Some people love rules, some people hate them. Some search for meaning in life, others find solace in having no meaning and others live by the rules provided by religion: there are billions of us and we all have varying perspectives on how we should be making decisions.

Love them or hate them, having rules creates meaning and structure in our lives. Many of these rules can mean the difference between being successful in society, or not. Most of the time, these rules are culturally dependent, and, how each of us defines success and happiness is different.

The thing is, I think I’ve stumbled on the one rule that can be applied to everyone, in all aspects of life: one rule that can help you make moral, practical, even financial choices for yourself and the ones you love.

This rule is to engage in things that are sustainable in a…

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