The Sexist Man And The Perpetual Female Victim

and this is why gender equality is also a man’s issue.
it may be knee jerk, but that doesn’t make it incorrect. in fact thats’s exactly why its right. because it is the raw emotion reaction that something is messed up.

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Flickr / Lieven SOETEFlickr / Lieven SOETE

Let’s define the term irony, shall we? After all, begging the public to get over the recent nude celebrity hack by writing about the nude celebrity hack seems a bit self-defeating and counter-productive. But then again, what do I know. I’m just a guy.

Just a guy. Anything I say regarding culture and sex and sexsim must toe the recent surge of psuedo-feminism, a vocal bunch that fights hard to convince anyone who will listen that society is dangerous and unfair and evil to anything and anyone without a penis. Should I stray from walking that line, God forbid, I may be branded with that dreaded “S-word.” And there’s no coming back from that.

So I’ll walk that line. It’s safe there. Critical thinking is replaced with mindless head-nodding, manufactured empathy, and automated concurrence by any man regarding sex in society, many of whom ironically go…

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