Young does always mean ignorant, but in this(my) case it does.

this is quite an interesting perspective. and by interesting i mean correct.
i have, for a long time, been a proponent of keeping corporal punishment, for those that cannot be rehabilitated, but i am now suddenly struck in the face with my ignorance. why did i not think like this? why do i not think like this?

evil is not an act but an intention. not only do you understand your actions will hurt someone, that is the objective; that is what is evil. a biological disposition is not evil, is not wrong, is not a sin, is not abnormal. it is nature.

the oldest conflict is the one of society versus nature. as a young wild animal, homo_____ hunted for food, for supplies. we did not ‘control’ nature, we were a part of it. the idea of ‘controlling’ nature only applies in conjunction with the idea of a society. the ‘need’ for good order and discipline requires that we control natural impulses and urges, both individually and socially.

hence the concept of normal. socially acceptable. offensive.


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