Why Do Men Get So Angry At Women When They Are (Nicely) Rejected?

Thought Catalog

My biggest pet peeve is when people say women are the emotional sex. It’s not true. Men are just as emotional as women (if not more). Anger is an emotion and anyone who knows a modern male knows how irrational and non-sequitur a dude’s anger can be. This is especially true if you’ve spent any amount of time dating — the phenomena of seemingly nice men erupting with anger when you don’t go along with their advances is very real and scary.

A meme Instagram account, Bye Felipe, compiles texts and chat screenshots of exactly what happens when a woman doesn’t give a man the attention he assumes he deserves. It’s super shocking to read some of the submissions — how quickly a guy can go from trying to woo you to calling you words I didn’t think normal people even used. But unfortunately, it’s also pretty ubiquitous. I…

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