Sex While Drunk Is Now Legally Rape In California (Seriously, It Is)

because we don’t educate, we legislate.

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I recently did an interview with The College Fix about the sexual assault policy at the University of Michigan, in which relationship behaviors like “withholding sex and affection” and “ignoring the partner’s feelings” have been recast as sexual violence. When asked to clarify just what they meant, the university asserted that “those behaviors not in the context of violence are not abusive. A reader of this site would recognize that it’s described as one behavior in the context of a pattern of behaviors to maintain power and control over an intimate partner”. I wonder how they know that? My position, using the university’s exact same method of reasoning, is that readers will also recognize that the victims are implicitly women and the perpetrators are implicitly men. It’s hard to imagine any man showing up at the sexual assault center, weeping that his girlfriend refused to have sex with him…

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8 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Are Wrong With The Ivy League

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It seems like everybody wants their kid to go to an Ivy League college (or another leading university like Stanford or Duke). A degree from one of those schools is supposed to be a ticket to the good life. They are the “best,” after all, and the students who go to them are “the best and the brightest.”

I think we need to think again. I taught at Yale for ten years and Columbia for five. I’ve been writing, reading, and thinking about the problems of elite higher ed for another six. Most of all, I’ve been listening to students at campuses across the country talk about how they feel about their education, what it isn’t giving them.

My new book, Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life, lays out the realities that lie behind the ivy-covered walls and proposes solutions…

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You make of your media what you want…

but this is perhaps one of the most miserable attempts to spin popular media that I have ever seen.

“Telling these women that abortion was “your choice” was the opposite of friendship.”

“delivers and important feminist message.”

Young does always mean ignorant, but in this(my) case it does.

this is quite an interesting perspective. and by interesting i mean correct.
i have, for a long time, been a proponent of keeping corporal punishment, for those that cannot be rehabilitated, but i am now suddenly struck in the face with my ignorance. why did i not think like this? why do i not think like this?

evil is not an act but an intention. not only do you understand your actions will hurt someone, that is the objective; that is what is evil. a biological disposition is not evil, is not wrong, is not a sin, is not abnormal. it is nature.

the oldest conflict is the one of society versus nature. as a young wild animal, homo_____ hunted for food, for supplies. we did not ‘control’ nature, we were a part of it. the idea of ‘controlling’ nature only applies in conjunction with the idea of a society. the ‘need’ for good order and discipline requires that we control natural impulses and urges, both individually and socially.

hence the concept of normal. socially acceptable. offensive.

We Need To Teach Law Outside Of Law Schools

and back to my favorite point of all. EDUCATION!

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What if I told you that the doctrine closest to the halls of power is largely unknown to the public? That the most pertinent social science subject — one that affects every single one of us every single day — is taught only to a select few? That would be absurd, right? Well, this situation describes the profoundly troubling state of legal knowledge in America. It is a situation we have a duty to change.

After more than a year of study at Harvard Law School, the common sense notion that law is more than some abstract topic to be contemplated by stuffy academics has not abandoned me. For even the most arcane cases reveal that law has real effects on real people. These effects can be good; they can also be bad. Law is the difference between marriage and divorce, riches and poverty, freedom and incarceration, and —…

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The Sexist Man And The Perpetual Female Victim

and this is why gender equality is also a man’s issue.
it may be knee jerk, but that doesn’t make it incorrect. in fact thats’s exactly why its right. because it is the raw emotion reaction that something is messed up.

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Let’s define the term irony, shall we? After all, begging the public to get over the recent nude celebrity hack by writing about the nude celebrity hack seems a bit self-defeating and counter-productive. But then again, what do I know. I’m just a guy.

Just a guy. Anything I say regarding culture and sex and sexsim must toe the recent surge of psuedo-feminism, a vocal bunch that fights hard to convince anyone who will listen that society is dangerous and unfair and evil to anything and anyone without a penis. Should I stray from walking that line, God forbid, I may be branded with that dreaded “S-word.” And there’s no coming back from that.

So I’ll walk that line. It’s safe there. Critical thinking is replaced with mindless head-nodding, manufactured empathy, and automated concurrence by any man regarding sex in society, many of whom ironically go…

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Foxnews of all places…

perhaps i shouldn’t take sides before reading and understanding the proposed curriculum. perhaps i shouldn’t even take sides at all because i have to affiliation with Denver school systems.

but it is heartening to know, to see other taking a stand in defense of truth, against censorship. admitting your mistakes and moving on is an adult thing to do right? not hide from them?